The Photo Solutions Vendor Mall platform is perfect for the small business or artist that wants to get their designs or products in front of more people and take the load off of managing a full website.  With Vendor Mall you have the structure already set and established with Photo Solutions bringing more customers to your door using your Vendor Mall Store integrated seamlessly on

The benefits of the Vendor Mall Program

 Get in front of more people!

It's a fact that PSM has high traffic!  We average 46,000 Page views each month and have recorded over 33K unique visitors.

 The Power of the PSM Cart

Vendors items are included in the Photo Solutions Market shopping system, which means that customers can buy your items while shopping the PSM system.

 Monthly PayPal Payouts

At the end of the month we will run a report and cash your account out directly to your PayPal acccount!  This way you don't have to wait for a check in the mail!

The features of the Vendor Mall Program

 Vendor Dashboard

With your vendor dashboard you can track orders, inventory and commissions for all of your products in the Vendor Mall.

 Vendor Product Uploader

You are in control of your products with the vendor product creator!  You can create, update and edit all of your products in your vendor store using the vendor portal.

 Manage Shipping & Invoices

If you are selling products that include shipping you can update and add tracking numbers to your customer orders in your vendor portal!

    Register Your Account Today!

All vendor registrations are subject to approval by Photo Solutions Market.  We have a strict policy towards providing the highest quality products to our customers and our vendors must match those standards.

Vendor Mall is a vendor service of Photo Solutions Market